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Fondazione Burro Studio is a non-profit project.
An initiative dedicated to various physical and digital activities and experiences,
With the aim of giving voice and light to charitable projects of various kinds

We believe in transparency and reliability.
This is why we go deep with the intention of organisations and projects.
We support projects on a local scale whose actions are honest and verified.
We love to get to know the people behind those projects or even to meet them in person,
in order to know their vision and approach.

Think bigAct Small

Building a better world through support for education, culture, design and sports.

Creating and amplifying conversations to inspire people with wonder and love.

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In Your Shoes

It’s not just a shoe, it’s the key to a better life.

Bridging continents since 2017.


F.I.L.E.F. Lombardia

The beauty of words can overcome every boundary and break down every barrier.

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New Action

We’re getting in touch with new helpful friends.

New charity projects are coming!

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New Action

We’re getting in touch with new helpful friends.

New charity projects are coming!

Buying this tee you will help us and our partners to fund our charity projects. Thank you!

Our vision is to become a catalyst for small actions that lead to great changes.

We seek solutions and enlightening ideas at the frontiers of design, communication, and innovation.

We pursue causes in support of: innovation, local relevance, education, culture and research.

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Culture Empowerment

We believe in the power of design to promote the common good. We strive to get the best from communication to enhance cultural


Think big, act small

We believe that change is made by small actions. We believe in transparency and reliability. This is why we support projects on a local scale, whose actions are honest and verified.


Amplification of the good

We want to enable people to speak their voices. We put our energy and our knowledge in design and communication at the service of reliable projects that help people around the world.


Many friends, one mission

We strive to build a community of friends throughout the, world working together and supporting each other in our, mission. A network of people with the same philosophy, who want to support good and world-changing ideas.


F.I.L.E.F. Lombardia

Karaoke Dinner

The F.I.L.E.F. Lombardia association is part of “Rete Scuole Senza Permesso”, a network of Italian schools for immigrants in Milan, founded in spring 2005 and hosted by Arci Bellezza, which shares its values and objectives.

The project was born from the need to create an informal educational space in which volunteer staff do and promote daily training activities, helping to provide opportunities for learning the Italian language and for knowledge of general culture. Thus the schools that are part of the network support the immigrants in their life and work projects.

All proceeds of the charity dinner and karaoke battle will be donated to support the F.I.L.E.F Lombardia project to finance the purchase of school material and the implementation of useful tools for the students.

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Karaoke Dinner

IYS is a charity organization helping people in need with empowering gear. Since 2017, IYS has been organizing an annual collection of running shoes from around the world, labeling them with the owners’ names and taking them to Kenya, where the shoes are given to those who dream and struggle to become champions.

With this Action we contributed to IYS’s initiative to collect trekking shoes and technical clothing to be donated to the Sherpa community in Nepal to help them to face the season of the great Himalayan expeditions. For them, as for Kenyan runners, a pair of shoes and appropriate clothing can make the difference to a better life and future.

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A dream getting more realevery day since 2020.